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24th International Film Festival
21st - 26th November 2017

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All My Loving


Groundbreaking BBC documentary from the 1960s that initially sat on a shelf for quite some time only to be acclaimed as ‘a psychedelic experience which 10 years from now will be the definitive document of its time’ already at the time of its original broadcast in 1968.

All My Loving

The director uses the then contemporary arts documentary style with its rapid cutting juxtaposing interviews with Paul McCartney, Frank Zappa, Pete Townshend, Donovan, Eric Burdon and Jimi Hendrix with live, on the road and behind the scenes footage of the Beatles, Cream, Pink Floyd, the Who, Hendrix and, by way of a historic counterpoint, newsreel images of the Vietnam war. “All My Loving” survives as a fascinating historical artefact from the times of counterculture, before the era of its commercialization.


All My Loving

dir. Tony Palmer, United Kingdom 1968, documentary, 55 min.


23rd November (Thursday), 08.30 pm.
Malopolska Garden of Arts – Large Screening Room
Special Guest – Tony Palmer