24. Międzynarodowy Festiwal Filmowy
21 - 26. 11. 2017

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A found-footage film by Bill Morrison. It is a visual experiment based on old decaying filmstrips from the silent film era. “Decasia”, devoid of traditional plot and dialogues, is a hipnotic collage of archival eroding images, accompanied by an original symphonic score by Michael Gordon.


“This 70-minute film is comprised entirely of materials which, due to the time that passed and the storage conditions, have fallen into partial decay. Since the film transport is slowed down to a third of its usual speed, one can clearly see the process of deterioration – the images within film frames are almost “dying” before the viewers’ eyes. The decay of the  imagery constitues another layer of the film, developing into its main theme and enhancing its aesthetic dimension. Footage used in “Decasia” was selected in a way that, according to the director, exposes the paradox of basic experience of life: humans’ faith in their immortality, which is the basis of all human creativity, and their constant awareness that eventually everybody must die. At the same time, the film might be read as a proof of immortality. In the director’s selection, materials that have long been forgotten or never appreciated before, come back alive and affect the viewers more than ever.”

Paulina Haratyk, Found footage: o niezwykłym uroku „obrazów z odzysku”, „EKRANy” 2011, no. 3-4, p. 76


Bill Morrison (born in 1965) is a New York-based artist, filmmaker and producer of documentaries and experimental films. He uses the found-footage method of filmmaking, combining rare archival materials with contemporary music. His works have been displayed in galleries, cinemas, theaters, museums and concert halls all over the world.

Director & writer: Bill Morrison, USA 2002, 70 min.

10 found footage films selected by Maciej J. Drygas
26th November (Saturday), 4 p.m.
Kijów Centrum – Large Hall