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24th International Film Festival
21st - 26th November 2017

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Svetlana Filippova

Svetlana Filippova

Svetlana Filippova is the winner of Grand Prix of Etiuda&Anima – Golden Jabberwocky for movie Brutus (Russia 2014). In 1991 she graduated from philology at National University in Kazachstan and in 1997 course for screenwriters and directors of animated movies conducted by big names of Russian animation: Fidor Chitruk, Jurij Norsztejn. Eduard Nazarow, Andrey Khrzhanovski.

Author of animated movies that won prizes in her home country and abroad: The Night Has Come (1998), Sarah’s Tale (2006), Three Love Stories (2007), Where Dogs Die (2011), Brutus (2014). Her art works were shown at many exhibitions in Moscow, Petersburg, Paris, Bologna, Sofia, Bratislava. Ilustrator of books for children.